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My Shredded Chicken Chili

Chili is one of my favorite things about the cool weather. I can’t eat chili unless it is cool outsides. Otherwise, it just seems a bit much. I have so many fond memories of chili. I’d be coming back from school and the smell of nice warm chili to feed my cold little body permeated the air. It was monumental and the weather had to be crappy for us to get chili as soon as we go home. As we got older, it became a staple for whenever the weather gets cold. I always like to think of this as a Fall meal. I can’t lie, my brother took the prize for best chili once he started cooking his own. We unanimously agreed the torch was passed to him. He also doesn’t live with us so I learned to make it myself. I’ve made it with ground beef, ground turkey, and vegan crumbles.

One day, I decided I wanted chili but we didn’t have any ground meat or vegan crumbles (I’ve made Vegan Chili before, same as this just change the chicken out for Vegan Crumbles) We had plenty of chicken so I thawed some thighs and breast. I ended up boiling it with some cumin and a little bit of complete seasoning and water. Just until it came off the bone. I left it in bigger chunks because I figured since it was going to simmer for a little while, I might as well leave it as bigger chunks since it will continue to break down. Great idea!

I didn’t think the family would like the ad lib on the family favorite. I was so wrong! Truthfully, it survived the night and then didn’t survive the next day. Let me also add that the next day, it tasted soooooo much better.


One thing to note is that you can make this chili however you see fit. Want to use chicken? Great. Make it vegan? #tctastytravelsveganchili Want to use organic beans or the beans you have boil? Go right ahead! Want to use fresh corn? By all means. This is just what I happened to have on hand. It was still delicious and fresh!
Did you get to make it? Share your pictures with me below and #tctastytravels on IG.

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My One-Pot Chicken Stir-Fry

Hey There Foodies!

Today I am bringing you one of my favorite recipes. Stir fry! Anyone who knows me personally knows how incredibly obsessed with these I was at one point. They are super quick and easy. They are perfect if you are coming home tired from work and need something wholesome but comforting.

Stir fries can be made with virtually anything. I happened to go with these ingredients, but you can go with whatever you happen to have on hand.

one pot stir fry graphic

I remember my mother used to make these a lot when she was working. When we got our first wok it was the coolest thing ever…well at the time. It rusted and was used until it couldn’t do anything else without burning it.

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe!

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Recipe Credit: Tasha C .
Photo Credit: Click here

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My triumphant Return and I brought Cilantro Lime Chicken

Hello Foodies!

Hope you all are enjoying Labor Day. I am sure most of the children have begun to go back to school and here in New York, they go back this week. Today, I am bringing you a recipe that is super quick and easy to make along with the side dishes. With the back to school shuffle, who has the time to make a great tasting, nutritious and monster dinner? No one really. So why not give you guys a recipe that will taste like it took hours when it took less than 1?

It is September and the Summer weather really isn’t over, I live in NY. We just had a heatwave and are expecting another one next week. I needed something refreshing and filling because when the weather is this uncomfortable I need something that will hit the spot and not make me feel disgusting. The original recipe came from a food blog called Sally’s Baking Addiction. I was sold by the idea of cilantro and lime together. You can find the original recipe here.

While I do love her recipe, I made a few changes due to me being lactose intolerant. Instead of heavy cream, I went with coconut cream. Instead of unsalted butter, I went with canola butter and I reduced the salt in the recipe. You are in no way obligated to make it this way, you are more than welcome to do it with regular dairy. Now on to my version of the recipe….


You can serve this with potatoes or rice. I have tried with both and I like them equally. If you can’t do potatoes, you can go with the pureed cauliflower or the riced cauliflower. Either way, you go with what works for you and your diet.

Tried out this recipe? Post your pic down below or #tctastytravels #cilantrolimechicken on IG!

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Recipe: Tashalee C.
Image: Taste of Home

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