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Who am I?


Welcome welcome all! Tasha here bringing you all the delicious eateries the great city of NY has to offer. I am a Monroe College Alumni in Baking and Pastry Arts. I am also a Certified Pastry Culinarian by the American Culinary Federation. And lifelong food enthusiast! But don’t be fooled, I can throw down in the kitchen! After 3 years of running a successful bakery (Tashalee’s Tasty Treats) in the Bronx, I’ve decided it was time to hang up my apron and try something different. Food is my passion and my life. NY has so many places and I’m bringing you all the best, affordable, high end spot and hidden gems to check out. I hope my experiences at these eateries bring you insight and advice on where to go. I also look forward to sharing some recipes with you guys. I do take requests so don’t hesitate. Stay tuned!


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