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Molly’s Butternut Mashed Potatoes

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

How are you all pulling through this week? I’m enjoying it thus far. I am sharing all of these different recipes with you, so I am happy. Today I am bringing you a recipe inspired by my best friend, sister from another mister Molly. So our friendship goes back to when we were both 10 years old…..we’re both 31 now. We have bonded over many things but the one thing we bond over the most is food. This recipe comes after a conversation she and I had about different ways to cook Butternut Squash since it is the season for it. She mentioned that she had made this for dinner for her family one night and raved about it. I got the chance to make it and I cannot believe how delicious and nutritious this side dish really was. It had this creaminess to it that reminded me of cheese. It wasn’t stringy. I truly loved it. Molly thank you for inspiring this recipe.



I got thunderous applause when I made this for my family. It appealed to everything we liked but it was lighter and more nutritious. These are the recipes I enjoy because it enhances something I love without compromising taste or healthiness. If you want to skip potatoes, you may use cauliflower instead, but the process is obviously going to be different.
Have you tried this out yet?

Comment below and #tctastytravels on IG with pictures!
Signing off!

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