My Sweet Potato Cheesecake Squares

Good Afternoon Foodies!

Today I am bringing you a dessert that is just perfect for this season. We are finally hitting Fall and I couldn’t be any more excited. The original recipe for this can be found here.

I made a few changes like swapping out the ricotta and using cottage cheese instead. I used cinnamon graham crackers and added vanilla to the actual cheesecake mix.

Sweet potato cheesecake graphic

This can be served with Cool Whip or any other whipped cream you want with these.

I can tell you they were a smash in my home. They survived 1 night and that was until my brother came over.

I really hope you guys like them!

I’d love to see pictures of yours!

You can share them below or #tctastytravels on IG!

Signing off,
Tasha C.

Recipe: Tasha C.
Photo By: Talk English Schools

COPYRIGHT © 2018 · Tashalee’s Tasty Travels


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