My Crunchy Fish Tacos

What it do foodies?

Today I am bringing you guys another taco recipe. I know a lot of you loved the Jerk Chicken Tacos I did last year. So why not share some of my favorite recipes and versions with you guys? These tacos I have made a few times. The recipe is inspired by a recipe I had used from the food network which can be found here.

My recipe has quite a few variations to it. For starters, I do not use Tilapia since it has been discovered that it really isn’t that good for you. In fact, it is a man-made fish and is chock full of carcinogens and chemicals. The other changes I make are with the mayonnaise, the sour cream, and cabbage. I use Vegan Mayonnaise because it is better for me and lactose-free sour cream or vegan sour cream since I am lactose intolerant.

This recipe wasn’t one of my favorites at first but then I had to do my own thing with it and now it is a staple in my house.

crunchy fish tacos

I love any and all types of tacos. But I do like how incredibly light these are and how they don’t bother my stomach. I think I may try a variation with the sauce and add avocado to it.

Please share and post your pictures either here or tag me #tctastytravels on IG.

Signing off,

Tasha C.
Recipe: Tasha C.
Picture: Kitchen Konfidence

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