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My One-Pot Chicken Stir-Fry

Hey There Foodies!

Today I am bringing you one of my favorite recipes. Stir fry! Anyone who knows me personally knows how incredibly obsessed with these I was at one point. They are super quick and easy. They are perfect if you are coming home tired from work and need something wholesome but comforting.

Stir fries can be made with virtually anything. I happened to go with these ingredients, but you can go with whatever you happen to have on hand.

one pot stir fry graphic

I remember my mother used to make these a lot when she was working. When we got our first wok it was the coolest thing ever…well at the time. It rusted and was used until it couldn’t do anything else without burning it.

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe!

Please share and post your pictures either here or tag me #tctastytravels on IG.

Signing off,

Tasha C.

Recipe Credit: Tasha C .
Photo Credit: Click here

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