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My Fudgy Black Bean Avocado Brownie

Hello my lovely foodies!! Today I bring you something slightly different from what I normally do. It is a healthy alternative to a favorite of mine….brownies. So diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. runs rampid in my family. One would imagine that I would watch what I eat more which I actually do and not indulge at all which I don’t do at all. In fact, I do research to still be able to enjoy the things that I love without having to give it all up and stay miserable. I am working on a few healthy alternatives to some of the pastries I adore. Now it is tricky because, in order to make something reduced fat, you need to cut out the oil and butter. Then to take out the bad carbs, you have to find an alternative to which flour has health benefits. If you are trying to reduce the amount of sugar, you are switching to something with a lower glycemic index. The important part is also adding protein and other ingredients that are not only healthy but also don’t diminish the quality of the actual pastry. People don’t realize how much science and chemistry really goes into baking. Ironically enough, science and math were my two worse subjects in high school. I was inspired by this recipe.

The brownie. I’ve tried this recipe 2 ways. The original way which didn’t have avocado in it, and then I tried it the way I have it written out below. I have to tell you, the first way was terrible. It was too heavy, lacked sweetness, and it was just overall just bad. I don’t believe in throwing out food or desserts but that one just had to go. I didn’t give up because I was on a mission to prove a particular health nut wrong that it was possible to not only make a healthy pastry but not compromise flavors. This particular person believed that it didn’t matter how it tasted, as long as the ingredients were healthy. Ummmm….NO.

I tried it one more time. Only this time, I added avocado to it and praise be to the man up above I finally found it! It worked.  It was nowhere near as heavy as the last brownie I tried making. You don’t taste the avocado or the beans. It tastes like a regular fudgey brownie with all the sinful deliciousness and none of the guilt from eating something bad. I am not a doctor. I am not FDA approved. But I do recommend this recipe for anyone watching their diet. I don’t have the exact calories or anything like that but the recipe will break down the health benefits of each ingredient.

Black bean and Avocado Fudgy Delight Brownies with Avocado Frosting (1)

Again, I am not a doctor. I have simply just done research on Google and other websites to find out about the health benefits of the ingredients listed above. My father is diabetic and we did a test. We had him test his blood sugar before he consumed a piece of the brownie and after. His blood sugar did not spike or rise to epic proportions. So the brownies are diabetic friendly. How did your brownies come out?

Comment below and share pics, tips, or any other experiences with this type of baking.

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Signing off,

Tasha C.


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