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Puerto Rican Day Parade – Arroz Con Pollo and Tembleque Recipes

Good Morning Foodies!

I hope you are all enjoying your morning java. I always like to thank you guys for taking to the time to come to my page because you could’ve clicked on any other blog, but you came to mine. Today is The 2018 Annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City. Puerto Ricans and just about anyone will be lining up along the Fifth Avenue from 44th Street to 79th Street to celebrate the 61st annual festival.

This year it will mean a lot more to those who go because of Hurricane Maria. It has been several months after the hurricane devastated the island and had a final death toll of 4,645. I could sit here and get into my feelings of how the government handled everything after the hurricane hit but I am a firm believer in not sharing my feelings on politics with people, especially with who is currently in office. For everyone going, this is about showing our solidarity, our strength and the spirit we embody. Somos unidos! Puerto Rico will rebuild and come back stronger.

In honor of the Puerto Rican Day Parade, I decided that for the whole month, I will be sharing some of my mother’s best and most epic Puerto Rican recipes. I used to not have a thorough understanding of my culture or what it meant to be Puerto Rican when I was growing up. Then, I started to appreciate everything we had to offer from our music, our food, to our language and traditions. I couldn’t be anymore proud to represent my heritage. I am also beyond honored to have an audience to share these with.

The first one is a recipe I hold near and dear to me. It is a recipe of something my mother used to make often. I was a PTA kid which meant my mom was often involved in cake sales and sometimes hustled by selling her food. One thing you guys should know about my mother is that she is old school Puerto Rican and cooks that way. She taught me a great deal of what I know about Puerto Rican cuisine and is the reason the world of cooking was opened for me. Aside from bake sales, my mother also held food sales and this was actually one of the first things to go super fast. It wasn’t just at these sales that this dish was a hit, every staff event or even some family events, this was the dish my mom was always asked to do(actually several others but you guys will learn that as you keep reading)

There isn’t anything fancy about Arroz con Pollo, or Rice with Chicken. It is just yellow rice with vegetables and diced chicken cooked together in the same pan. I’ve tried it at other restaurants and no one seems to get it quite like my mom. My mother’s version of this always had white rice, diced chicken breast, sofrito, and sazon. Over the years, I actually stopped using Adobo and Sazon because when I went to culinary school, I learned that those seasonings have MSG and other toxic ingredients that cause lethargy, brain damage, and other harmful effects. So my recipe has other items that don’t contain MSG or any other toxic ingredients. You are more than welcome to use those items and do it old school, but I personally prefer not to. I think that is what I find fun in this. I get to do a remix to all of my mother’s recipes and share them with you guys.

This is the other recipe I wanted to share with you guys. Tembleque was a dessert I had often as a child. It is super easy to make and totally vegan. Its only contains 4 ingredients: coconut milk, sugar, cornstarch, and salt. It also doesn’t take really long but you can jazz it up really nicely to make it look like you spent all day on it.

I hope you guys enjoy the recipes I will share with you and I would also love to see pictures of how yours came out. Feel free to share this recipe and post with your friends and family on Facebook and Instagram. Tag me on IG @tctastytravels or comment below with your pics.

Buen Provecho Mi Gente!

Recipe and Content: Tashalee C. and Yolanda P.L



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