My Trip to Cachapa Cachapa

I wanted cachapas but didn’t want to head all the way to the heights for it. I checked on yelp  and found this place. Now the last place I had a cachapa from was from the Arepa Factory which was really good but now pales in comparison to this place. Not that it isn’t still good but this place blows it out  of the water.

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Some of you may ask. What is a Cachapa? Cachapas are a traditional Venezuelan and Colombian dish made from corn. Similar to Arepas, they are popular at food stands. They can be made like pancakes of fresh corn dough, or wrapped in dry corn leaves and boiled (cachapa de hoja). The more common varieties are made with frest ground corn mixed into a thick batter and cooked on a budare or skillet like pancakes. The cachapa is slightly thicker and lumpier because of the pieces of corn kernels. The other place I went to made the Cachapa out of the arepa which I am sure can be done too. The sandwich is filled with meat, vegetables and a special sauce. The price ranges from place to place.

Here, mine cost me $9 which I originally thought was going to be too much. Boy was I wrong. I also got me a Chinola (Passion Fruit) Juice for $3. The service was very quick. I liked being able to see them put my meal together. I saw them prep the Cachapa,  put the cheese, the chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and their sauces. The gentleman behind the counter was kind enough to bring my food over to me at my table.
I had no idea what to expect because it looked nothing like the one I had before. The chicken meat was tender. It was shredded and full of flavor. Underneath it was a blanket of mozzarella cheese. Then came the toppings I mentioned above. The special sauces took this sandwich to another level. One sauce tasted like a ketchup mayo which is common in spanish cuisine. The other was a creamy chimichurri type of sauce that I absolutely loved! It was herby and garlicky without being  too overpowering.

The cachapa itself was big enough for 2 people to eat but I was hungry…$12 was actually reasonable. I have a full video on the experience down below. This place gets 10 out of 10 bites from me because the customer servive was excellent. The quality of the food was excellent. It got pretty busy during the afterschool rush which I think is a good indication of their popularity.  Otherwise, go visit this place.

You can check out my full video here.

Here is their business information for anyone interested in going to their store.

Cachapa Cachapa
1903 Bathgate Avenue (between Bathgate and East Tremont)
Bronx, NY 10457

Business Hours:
Monday Through Thursday: 8am-11:15pm
Friday: 8am-2am
Saturday: 11am-2am
Sunday: 11am-9pm

Phone: 347-329-0673

Written By: Tashalee C.
Source for Cachapa Definition:

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