The Heights Edition – Patacon Pisao Food Truck Review

I heard about this place from a few people. I decided to make an adventure out of it and take a trip to the heights. Two busses later, I found myself on the corner of 202nd and 10th….looking for the Patacon Pisao Truck. I got a little worried at first because I was expecting an actual truck parked outside in the middle of the street. No not at all. It was hidden but there was signage and a door. Their set up was so cute because it looked like a store front and it was still a food truck. I get to the actual spot and snapped a few pics. Thankfully I went early enough and there was no line. Maybe about 2 or 3 people placing their orders and that is about it. I placed my order and went with the grilled chicken patacon and a chicken empanada.

I’ll start with the chicken pastelito(fried round crispy patties). I was blown away by how huge it was because I am Puerto Rican and ours are half the size (then again, these are Venezuelan). Not only was it huge but it was so heavy. It was filled with chicken and mashed potatoes….I’ve made something similar but it paled in comparison to this. It was full of flavor, not greasy, and jam packed. I munched on it while I waited for my order (I was planning on taking it home to eat). The sauce they served on the side complimented the pastelito perfectly because it was similar to the ketchup mayo and garlic aoli I make at home but it had some spiciness to it which I LOVED.

On to the actual patacon. Years ago, an old friend of mine mentioned patacon to me and I swore she was absolutely crazy especially once she explained what it was…tostones…but giant monster sandwich sized tostones with meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes in between…a sandwich. I digress. I ended up eating this at home since there wasn’t a place to sit down and eat it.

They had several different types to choose from but I kept it simple since it was my first time and went with their original grilled chicken patacon. It consisted of the grilled chicken, queso frito (fried white cheese), green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, and wasakaka sauce. I didnt sit down to eat it until I got home and I am so glad I did. This was delicious. I never thought something with simple ingredients could come together deliciously. It didnt get soggy. The meat was tender and the fried cheese was the greatest touch.

I ordered 2 patacones, 1 pastelito, and a bottle of water. It came out to $19 which I think is totally reasonable. This place gets 12 out of 10 bites from me because I couldn’t find a single issue with their food.

I will definitely be returning soon to try other items on their menu.


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