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The Gansevoort Market is actually one of my favorite places to grab food. Why? It is actually what the title describes, a market. You can find it on West 14th and Hudson. Hold My Knots is one of the many places housed in this wonderland of food. This is yet another place I heard about on insider food and decided to give a try. The last place was Pomme Frites which I absolutely loved as well(you can see my review on here in the upcoming weeks.) I went on two separate occasions to see if they were consistent and if the quality was still as great as the first time.

Hold My Knots sells garlic knots and garlic knot fusions. They are best know for their Garlic Knot Sliders which come in three flavors; eggplant parmigiana, meatball parmigiana, and chicken parmigiana. The price was reasonable too. I went with the 2 for $8 deal. The first time I went, I actually got their most popular flavor…the chicken parm garlic knot slider.
The service was fairly quick too. It took about 5-10 minutes for the young lady to prepare my order and send me on my merry way. She did warn me to be careful because they were both extremely hot. I’m glad she did because typically, I’m a bit of a savage(if you stick around long enough, you will see or hear of how I burnt my mouth before trying something delicious).

I sat down and got ready. So I took a few pictures. First glance, it’s a nice and fat garlic knot topped olive oil, parsley, parmesan cheese, and garlic of course. Then you start to deconstruct it. It has a slice of breaded fried chicken, marinara sauce, and a slice of mozzarella. How can you possibly go wrong with all of that in one sandwich? They also give you a little bit of sauce on the side for dipping.

I went in for it and took my first bite. A symphony of flavors. All going in perfect harmony. The sauce and chicken and knot itself. Generally I’ve had garlic knots that are usually too crunchy or don’t have the right taste. What do I mean by the right taste? It doesn’t taste fresh. The garlic taste comes either from a powder or just a few sad pieces of minced garlic sprinkled sparingly on top. Might I add, they aren’t even half the size of these. They are typically smaller. Not these. These were fluffy, the right consistency in terms of chewiness, and all the right amount of taste. This would probably be my only gripe with the slider itself but it is the amount of oil. If they could scale it back just a little bit, I swear this would be absolutely perfect.

I’m a huge fan of New and clever spins of different dishes. This one knocks it out of the park because they took two Italian classics and combined them. I believe they can make several other different slider sandwiches. But I also believe that places that have just a few set popular items are the ones that stick around a while.

I came back to check consistency of their product as well as try out their meatball parm slider. I was happy to see the same girl who helped me the first time I came here.. I noticed they looked like they deconstructed the box they had for people to take pics and tag them in it. It was missing the stickers and anything that had their logo. Hold My Knots is known for their garlic knot sliders at the Gansevoort Market. They have three to choose from…chicken parm which consists of the garlic knot itself, sauce, and cheese…the meatball parm and eggplant parm which all have the same ingredients except for their main filling…meatball has a slice of meatball and eggplant parm has eggplant..I think you guys get the idea.

I ordered the chicken parm slider as well as the meatball parm slider to try something different. One thing I did notice was that the sliders still had a little too much oil for my taste. I will start with the chicken parm slider….the knot itself was perfectly toasted, crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. The piece of chicken wasnt as crispy as the last time I had gotten it. It also didnt have a lot of cheese in it either which left me a little sad because last time it was a small slice of mozzarella in there.

As for my meatball parm slider wasn’t as toasty or golden as the other one I had today. It was kind of doughy. My feelings on the meatball are this….a slice of a meatball is kind of skimpy if that is the sandwich itself. Although it was nice and tender, I feel it lacked any flavors. If the slider didnt have the sauce, garlic, or parm cheese on top, it would’ve been awful. So maybe if they added something to the meatball, they’d be golden in my book. Follow them on Facebook here.

If you love garlic knots, chicken parm, meatballs, and sausage and peppers, give this place a try. Granted it may not have the best place to sit but it is in a cafeteria type of setting. I have to hand it to the Gansevoort Market for having such wonderful decor that doesn’t make it feel like a cafeteria.

After going again, Hold My Knots gets 8 out of 10 bites from me. The reason being, the meatball needs a little more flavor and the sliders need less oil.

Written By:
Tashalee C.

Hold My Knots

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