Gansevoort Market Edition – Chick’nCone Review

I spotted the cute logo from like a mile away during my most recent trip to the Gansevoort Market. It almost seemed way too good to be true. This was after I had gotten food from another spot (you can click on my profile snd see my review on that one too). Chicken and Waffles. Its a southern thing that a lot of people live for and absolutely love. This concept though takes bite sized pieces of breaded fried chicken, smothers them in a sauce of your choice (Kick’n Ranch, Yella BBQ, Cinna-Maple, Buffalo Blue or Traditional BBQ) and puts it all into a freshly made waffle cone. Probably one of my new favorite novelty foods here in the city since the Indian Tacos I had at Taco Mahal (You can find my review on that in my earlier posts).

I really couldn’t believe my eyes. The customer service was great too. I wish I would’ve gotten the names of the people that helped me. The lady was very sweet and let me record her while she prepared my Chick’nCone (I swear I can never get tired of saying that). They also have a deal where you get cajun fries, a cone, dessert, and a drink for $12. Being that I had just eaten sliders from Hold My Knots, I just got a cone to go. It was the first cone I didnt have to worry about melting by the time I got home. I went with Cinna Maple Sauce and tried it when I finally got in.  I didn’t expect the cone to be sweet but I was okay with it since it worked well together. The chicken and the sauce had a nice crisp and spice to it. I loved the kick it had. Considering I brought it back home, I was shocked to see that the cone held up as well as the chicken keeping its crisp.  Their prices are fair and the quality of the food is impressive.

Here is a small snippet of the magic. I wish I would’ve recorded more but I was enamored with the idea and the process.

I was also very happy that I had the opportunity to speak with one of the founders, Jonathan Almanzar since he was actually sitting at the table behind me. I got to ask him a few questions and tried my best not to sound like an amateur. Chick’nCone was founded back in 2014 by Jonathan Almanzar and Josh Lanier. The company started catering events in a mobile tent setup to then evolving into 3 food trucks. They gained a following when they took part in the Bryant Park Winter Village earlier this year during the winter. What is a Chickn’Cone? It is a vanilla waffle cone stuff with fried chicken that has been battered and breaded with buttermilk, panko and flour. When I asked him where did the inspiration come from to create something like this? Jonathan’s answer was simple but logical. Jonathan stated that “We wanted to create something that was comfort food without all the mess that usually comes with chicken and waffles. We wanted to make it portable as well.”

They get 10 out of 10 bites from me which is beyond stellar because, well the quality was great and it didn’t get gross when I brought it home.

Chick’nCone is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and will also pop up in 3 locations this summer: Coney Island from May 13 to October 2, Jacob Riis Park from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and UrbanSpace Broadway Bites in June. This place is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I would not be the least bit surprised if they end up with a store by the end of this year. You can click on the link to their facebook page here for the latest news and their locations.

Written By:
Tashalee C.





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