Taco Mahal – 4/28/17

I got to try this place out today and I was beyond happy that I had the chance to. A few friends of mine had posted on my page to go try this out for my blog so I made my way to 7th Avenue South and Barrow Streets. I found it fairly quickly. I did not anticipate it really being a hole in the wall but it actually was. I got to record some footage. It had a couple of tables outside and seating inside. I also very much enjoyed the decor as well. The mural on the wall was absolutely stunning. It is definitely up there as my second best mural/art piece at a restaurant. They also had a nice playlist going that consisted of traditional indian music as well as a few pop hits.

The menu was simple. You picked your type of taco shell which was either naan or roti. And then you picked your protein. I went with a Lamb Kabob Naan Taco and a Chicken Tikka Masala Roti Taco. Each of them were topped with Romain Lettuce, Purple Cabbage, Onions, and a homemade chutney.

A brief sidenote, for those of you who aren’t sure what Chicken Tikka Masala is, it is a popular Indian dish. It consists of chunks of chicken that have been marinated in various spices and yogurt which is then baked in a tandoor oven and served with a masala sauce. Typically the masala sauce consists of a tomato, cream, and coriander sauce.

I will start with the lamb kabob taco… was my favorite of the two. It had a sweet and savoriness to it. The crunch of the veggies and the fresh taste that the cilantro and chutney added to it really made this a delicious taco. My only issue with it was how it wasnt proportionate. It was a giant piece of naan but about a quarter of it was just empty. I was a little disappointed with that because it should have meat from end to end. Besides that, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The Chicken Tikka Masala Roti Taco was actually good. I did find it a little sweeter than it needed to be. I found it a little spicy but I couldn’t stop eating it. It was delicious and filled from end to end. I would say the only thing I did not like was the amount of gravy but I am sure if I went there again, I could request less sauce on my taco and boom issue solved.

Overall I really liked this place. I love tacos and an Indian Fusion concept is just awesome. I thought they were very filling and satisfying for the price. Just expect a short wait time for the food because this place does get busy. But besides that, give them a try, you won’t regret it. You can visit their Facebook page here.

This place gets 4 out of 5 bites from me and that is because of how much meat the lamb naan taco had.

Written by: Tashalee C.

Taco Mahal

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2 thoughts on “Taco Mahal – 4/28/17

  1. looks like a hidden treasure, very quaint and the food looks like it was made with care and detail.
    I’m sure it beats taco bell and their mass produced concoctions, kudos to you for putting people onto this spot, perhaps if i ever find myself in this particular area i’ll check it out!

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